Top 5 Tools You Need to Start Renovating

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Completing renovations yourself can be extremely rewarding, and is often easier than you think! But before you dive into your first project, there are a few tools and supplies you will need to add to your arsenal. Below are the top 5 tools you need to start renovating.

1. Tape Measure

The first thing you should have in your DIY kit is a good tape measure. From measuring your room size, to building your first bookcase – this is a must for every homeowner. I always find it useful to have a tape measure with both imperial and metric units on it – as it gives you added versatility for no extra cost. It doesn’t need to be the most expensive – but try to avoid the cheapest (it will save future you potential headaches). This is the best one I have ever owned- Milwaukee 8m/26ft – give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments.

2. Level / Laser Level

When it comes to precision in your DIY endeavors, a laser level is an invaluable tool. This device projects accurate, level lines that ensure your work is flawlessly straight and plumb, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual measuring and marking. Laser levels come in a range of models, from basic options for simpler tasks to advanced ones designed for more extensive projects. They are user-friendly, with self-leveling features that make them accessible to users of all skill levels. Not only is a laser level a smart investment for its durability and ability to prevent costly errors, but it also enhances safety by reducing the need for precarious positions while working. Achieve a professional finish with ease and boost your confidence in tackling DIY tasks. Make this laser level your go-to tool for precision and efficiency.

3. Power Drill

A power drill is probably the most reached-for tool for all home renovations. Whether you are looking to hang photos, fix a loose chair leg, or expand your backyard deck – a power drill will get the job done. This tool is used for fastening screws, drilling holes + countless other attachments you can purchase (such as cleaning brushes). I always reach for my Dewalt D800 – which is a perfect balance of power and versatility for the home Renovator.

4. Screwdriver Set

To complement your power drill, a basic screwdriver set is a must. From delicate jobs, furniture assembly or hard to reach places – this tool will ensure you can finish your projects with ease. There’s no need for the most expensive or feature-rich set; a multi-tool like the Sharden multi-bit screwdriver is a perfect option to ensure you are covered to tackle any project.

5. Hammer

The most versatile tool on the list is your everyday hammer. While the butt of a drill or the bottom of a wine bottle might work – it’s always a good idea to have a hammer nearby when you are kicking off another project. Whether you need to loosen some of the fasteners, remove some old nails or even take down a wall – having a hammer on hand will ensure you can complete the job and minimize risk of injury. Hammers can range in price from ~$15 all the way to ~$500. Unless you are a framing carpenter – something in the ~$20-50 range will more than do for most projects. This 16 oz version from ESTWING is my go-to. Comfortable handle and just enough weight to make the job effortless.

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